Starting UP!

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Starting UP!

Hello to all customers of The Shelvin Shop!! 

This is the first Blog of, what I hope, is a LONG series of blogs to come!  We've been in business for about a month now and we're re-vamping our store's products and categories to assure we can meet the needs and wants of YOU!!  Our Customer!  Obviously our customer will come first at our store!

Just a little bit about this venture:  My son, Gavin, came to me probably 3 months ago and said (in so many words) mom, we should open up a webstore.  I mulled this around for a bit and after doing just a bit of investigating, I thought "You know Sheli" (this is me talking to myself) "he's right"!  So my son and I have delved into e-commerce head first... and LOVE IT!  

So my message to you, the customer, is that I hope you will find items in our stop that you love!  While we have some things in mind, we'd LOVE to hear any suggestions that you might have!  Please feel free to drop us a note at any time about anything!!  

In the mean time, happy shopping!


The Shelvin Shop