The Time is Near!

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The Time is Near!

After weeks of planing and modification and finagling...and then taking a new direction, modifying the plan again (you get the point) we are FINALLY getting close to the finish line! The Shelvin Shop would like to introduce...*drum-roll please*...SIPS & SARCASM Gourmet Coffee!!  If you can't tell, I'm SUPER excite to introduce this brand new coffee line!   We already have the merchandise in place and ready for your to order.  But we are now (as of today 12-14-17) excepting pre-orders for 31 different flavors (coincidence only...I swear) of coffee!  These will NOT be available in time for Christmas unfortunately.  Just want to put that caveat out there.

These coffees are made of 100% Arabica bean coffee roasted with the perfect blends of delectable flavorings to make your mouth water at the first whiff of the brew!  The flavors that we are taking pre-orders for are as follows:  

Maple Syrup & Bacon
Amaretto Bliss
Cinnanut Cocoa
Cocoa & Kahlua
Chocolate dè Peanut Butter
Southern Praline & Pecans
"PEP" Up Your Coconuts! (Warning, Jalapeno Flavoring)
White Satin Cherry
Kahlua Cream Mousse
The Three Amigos
Crème de Caramel
Caramel of the Sea
Campfire Memories
Peach Streusel
Toffeescotch Cream
Crème de la Raspberry
Cherry Vanilla Cream
Cocoa Vanilla Bourbon
French Caramel Toffescotch
Almond Apricot Liqueur
Crème de Apricot
Nutty-fudge Brownie
Raspberry Chocolate Mousse
Knickerbocker Glory
Crème de Blueberry
Crème de Hazelnut
Cocoa de Raspberry

Braeburn Bon Bon


Pre-orders are for 1 lbs. bags only.  And there's some funky requirements that goes on with shipping.  So to get you the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE, there are discount codes for EACH order type up to 20 bags of coffee!!  If you order 20 bags, your price is as low as $12.35 per pound!  That is AMAZING for gourmet style coffee!  You can get specific details here: Sips & Sarcasm Pre-Orders

If you are interested in receiving a FREE SAMPLE of Sips & Sarcasm Coffee, be sure to contact us as  We will arrange to ship you a free sample of our flavored gourmet coffee in return for an honest review.  THAT'S IT!  

Also, if you're a coffee shop, we have special pricing for your store whether it's to brew daily for your customers or to line your shelves with specialty coffee for purchase!  We have a program for you!

Because coffee is always best when shared with friends, please be sure to share this information with any and all friends you can!  

Until Next Time


The Shelvin Shop