Java 'Dutch Estate' Coffee

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Want a sip of the delectable brew that made the term "Java" become synonymous with the term "coffee"?  Here's your chance!!  Java Island, which is part of Indonesia, grows some of the most perfect Arabica beans known to man!  When the Dutch brought coffee trees to this island in the 1600's, they were all but wiped out, twice!  First by floods in the 1700's and then by coffee leaf rust in the early 1800's!  For this reason, many coffee farmers switch Robusta and Liberica coffee trees which are more resistant to disease, but also do not provide the same delicious flavor that an Arabica coffee tree provides.

There are still 5 plantations in Java that grow this delectable Arabica coffee bean.  These Java beans are small-batch roasted to a medium roast to render a smooth, low acidity brew with heavy body.  There is a delicious chocolaty undertone and a lingering finish with a subtle herbaceous aftertaste. 

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Coffee is shipped via Fed Ex and is $8.00 per order.