Sumatra Black Satin Coffee

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Ever wonder how coffee got the nickname "Java"?   In the 1600's, the Dutch brought coffee trees to southeast Asia and specifically the island chain that today is known as Indonesia.  Sumatra and Java were 2 of those islands.  These coffees were highly regarded by 1700's Europeans and when referring to coffee from this area, because it was a Single-Origin coffee from Java Island, they started calling this coffee "Java Coffee".  This coffee was very well known.  So well, in fact, that "java" became synonymous with coffee!  (The same way that some people say "Bring me a coke" when they mean "Bring me a soda".)

Sumatra, which is Java's next-door neighbor, grows a coffee from an ancient line of coffee bean trees that were even thought to be extinct at one time!  Luck for us, they were saved and planted in the western Sumatra region near Lake Takengon to bring us 'Black Satin' coffee.  As the name implies, this is a darkly roasted Indonesian coffee with a  distinct flavor profile of smoky undertones combined with a heavy body.  Its low acidity creates a smooth, bold flavor.   There is even a bit of a spicy aftertaste for that little "Zing" that all Sumatra coffee lovers can't resist!  

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