Banana Split Flavored Coffee

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Who doesn't love a cold, cream banana split from their local mom-and -pop ice cream shop?? You can indulge in this flavor right in your own kitchen every morning! (or evening or afternoon…you catch my drift) We take our Premium Arabica beans and roasted them carefully with the flavors we all know and love of a perfect Banana Split. Flavors of perfectly rip bananas along with a drizzle of hot chocolate fudge, cream vanilla whipped cream, warm roasted hazelnuts, and a fresh bing cherries will make you want to put a cherry on top of your coffee! (Hey, why not!)

As always, our heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee which will be fresh roasted the day it ships.

***This coffee contains nut extract***


Coffee is shipped via Fed Ex and is $8.00 per order.  

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