About Us and our Mission

We are a family owned company focused on bringing our passion to our consumers.  What's our passion?  We LOVE sipping coffee EVERY morning and, of course, we love gabbing with our friends.  And anyone who knows me (Sheli), sarcasm just slips out naturally and Gavin has been blessed with this gift too (all too well I'm afraid)!!  If you know anyone like that (or you ARE someone like that),I think you're going to like our privately owned brand, Sips & Sarcasm. 

The Mission here at Sips & Sarcasm is to supply the finest flavored coffee for our customers from farmers and suppliers around the world.  We also know that one size does NOT fit all...and the same thing goes for coffee!!  We offer a WIDE variety of both flavored coffees and single-origin premium coffees and blends that will make your mouth water!

Why do we do what we do?  Honestly, I just LOVE coffee!  And the old adage says "if you do what you love it doesn't feel like work".  And this is so true!  This has definitely been adventure bringing together this website and the behind-the-scenes network, but it's been so worth it!  Thank you to our loyal customers for letting us supply you with some of the world's best coffee!!