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Don't want to commit to a whole pound of coffee that you may not like??  Then the Sampler Pack is definitely for you!  This pack contains 10 delicious flavors in 2 oz. packets!  Perfect for exactly 1 pot of coffee! 

This 10-pack comes with:

  1. Highlander GroggDrift back in time to the picturesque Scottish Highlands with our delectable Highlander Grog flavored coffee.  Traditionally this drink was made with Scottish Brandy, some butterscotch and vanilla, topped with a pinch of spice.  We replicate the warm, cozy feeling those Highlanders felt by capturing the essence of each of these flavors with our perfectly roasted 100% Arabica beans to bring you blast of Scottish cultural past.
  2. Irish Mocha Mint - If you like mint chocolate, you will LOVE our Irish Mocha Mint coffee!  We combine the flavors of creamy milk chocolate with fresh mint and add just a wee bit of Irish cream to create a blend so magically delicious you'll be see'in 4-leaf clovers and hear'in bagpipes!  OK, so maybe you'll just have one INCREDIBLE cup of coffee...but if you find a Leprechaun, offer him a cup as well!
  3. Chocolate Island - Melt your troubles away and escape to the tropics as you take a sip of our Chocolate Island Flavored coffee!  We’ve infused our freshly-ground Arabica coffee beans with the flavors of sweet and buttery white chocolate mousse, decadent Swiss chocolate, and refreshing coconut. Take a sip and we’ll whisk you to an island getaway!  This coffee contains nut extracts!
  4. Caramel Cream - Nothing beats my aunt's homemade buttery Christmas caramels, and this blend captures that flavor perfectly! With a rich and savory caramel flavor paired with smooth vanilla cream, your family will be begging you to brew another pot just to smell the aroma!
  5. Butterscotch Toffee Cream - This scrumptious flavor entices the taste buds with the delicious buttery toffee flavor mixed with roasted almond and creamy butterscotch! There's even just a touch of milk chocolaty goodness to top off this blend! Great as a morning pick-me-up or an evening after-dinner wind-down and relax cup of joe! This coffee may contain nuts or nut oil!
  6. Peach Cobbler - We all have one of our grandma's favorite recipes and this one was one of mine! This delectable blend of sun-ripened peaches with the crumbly buttery topping melts in your mouth the way a warm peach cobbler does….but without the calories and the baking time!
  7. Sticky Buns - Perk up to an enticing smell of woody cinnamon, sweet raisins, honey glazed apples, and aromatic Arabica coffee as this warm and tasty blend brews in your percolator!  With this gourmet coffee inspired by old fashioned sticky buns, you can finally have as many sticky buns you like without the guilt! 
  8. Cookiedoodle - Enjoy the classic taste of snickerdoodle with every cup of this gourmet coffee that’s a decadent treat in itself.  Lightly-roasted Arabica coffee beans steeped with aromatic cinnamon, creamy hazelnut, and velvety milk chocolate give you this blend’s unforgettable flavor. Go ahead and prepare yourself a large mug of this coffee blend!  This coffee contains nut extracts!
  9. Butter Rum - Capturing the essence of this popular winter drink, our Butter Rum Flavored Coffee lets you enjoy the traditional drink’s warm and velvety taste that’s further enhanced by the sweetness of caramelized and brown sugar, a hint of spice, and a woody accent. Take a sip and open your eyes to the tropical isles of the Caribbean!
  10. Vermont Maple Pecan - North and South. Smooth and crunchy. Celebrate the pleasant coming together of opposites in this gourmet drink.  Infused with the essence of sweet, syrupy Vermont maple from the North and of smoky, nutty pecans from the South, our premium coffee blend presents a taste that’s simply unforgettable.  This coffee contains nut extracts!


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