Sampler 10-Pack

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Don't want to commit to a whole pound of coffee that you may not like??  Then the Sampler Pack is definitely for you!  This pack contains 10 delicious flavors in 2 oz. packets!  Perfect for exactly 1 pot of coffee! 

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This 10-pack comes with:

  1. Blueberry CreamAs the name describes, this flavor is infused with delicious ripe blueberries along with a rich thick cream flavor that makes your taste buds jump for joy! This zesty blend roasted with our premium Arabica beans is delicious either hot or iced for a warm summer evening.
  2. Chocolate RaspberryThis flavor blends the essence of plump, juicy raspberries with creamy milk chocolate that will entice you to chug rather than sip this tangy blend of delicious goodness. You won't be able to stop at just one cup!
  3. Creme BruleeWhen three countries are laying claim on a food’s origin, you know it’s a success! Such is the fame of the crème brû·lée, a dessert of creamy custard base with a thin blanket of caramelized sugar. Our coffee blend inspired by this controversial and delectable dessert is just as popular as its muse.Come on, take a sip and be enveloped by the perfect blend of Arabica coffee with essences of creamy caramel, rich custard, and smooth cream! 
  4. Highlander GroggDrift back in time to the picturesque Scottish Highlands with our delectable Highlander Grog flavored coffee.  Traditionally this drink was made with Scottish Brandy, some butterscotch and vanilla, topped with a pinch of spice.  We replicate the warm, cozy feeling those Highlanders felt by capturing the essence of each of these flavors with our perfectly roasted 100% Arabica beans to bring you blast of Scottish cultural past.
  5. Mexican Liqueur & CreamOne sip of our Mexican Liqueur & Cream will have you dreaming of being in a hammock on the beaches of southern Mexico in an instant!  With a musky and molasses taste comparable to Kaluha, blended with a rich cream flavor, every trip to your coffee pot is like a mini-vacation!!  The aroma of this blend is intoxicating enough...without a drop of alcohol!!  This blend is also great as a decaf coffee for you relaxing evenings on the deck.
  6. Rocca MochaGet ready for a decadent treat in this coffee blend infused with flavours of golden brown roasted pecans, smooth and silky caramel, rich maple syrup, and premium Swiss chocolate. Indulgent and intoxicating, this exquisite blend is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and get your morning coffee kick!  This coffee contains nut extracts!
  7. Rainforest CrunchThis flavor is named for the three types of toasted nuts that are richly infused into the coffee beans. We add the rich flavors of toasted hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and almond along with just a dash of creamy vanilla to our premium Arabica coffee beans to create this delectable brew. This coffee contains nut extracts!
  8. Almond Toffee CrunchGot a full day ahead, taking a break from all the hustle and bustle, or finally getting a much-deserved downtime?  Indulge yourself with this rich gourmet blend of Arabica coffee beans and almond toasted to perfection, luscious caramel, and bittersweet butterscotch. The taste and aroma will make you forget about everything—for a while!  This coffee contains nut extracts!
  9. White Chocolate Covered CherriesTreat yourself to tangy, red maraschino cherries dipped in smooth and thick white chocolate as you take a sip of our delightful, creamy gourmet blend!  Maraschino, referring to Marasca cherry and Maraschino liqueur made from it, was a treat reserved for royalty and the wealthy.  For a rich, indulgence you can enjoy any time of the day, reserve a spot in your pantry for this mouth-watering treat! 
  10. TiramisuNeed a kick of sugar and caffeine to pick you up?  Nothing can be a more obvious choice than our Tiramisu Flavored Coffee. (Tiramisu, an Italian dessert, actually means pick-me-up!) Let our premium Arabica coffee beans infused with rich vanilla and chocolate flavors with undertones of amaretto, rum, and sherry do its magic!