Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde'

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These Arabica beans from the Central Valley of Colombia, are wet-processed to provide a smoothly balanced body with acidic brightness to provide an excellent balance.  The Colombian Coffee Federation has been one of the world's most successful organizations for 75 years now supporting over half a million Colombian coffee farmers.  Because of this, Colombia produces rich, gourmet coffee that is the highest grade and quality.

Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde coffee is hand harvested and immediately processed removing the pulp and skin while the bean is still fresh. The beans are then soaked to loosen the excess pulp and washed again. Since the Colombian Coffee Federation constantly monitors the coffee process, Colombia Supremo guaranteed to be a deliciously rich coffee brew. Our Colombia Supremo is perfectly light-medium roasted to build a brew that yields a delectable aroma, a rich bold flavor, and an excellent balance of body and acidity.



Coffee is shipped via Fed Ex and is $8.00 per order.